Monday, 20 February 2012

THERE HAS BEEN AN AMAZING RESPONSE TO THE SURVEY! WHEN I LAST CHECKED, THERE WERE OVER 100 REPLIES! I know it's still not scientific, but the poll software prevents people from doing multiple replies, so when I close the survey at the weekend, and start to collate the findings, it will mean there is a genuine body of local opinion to take to those who are setting themselves up to solve 'The Wisbech Problem'. I have a genuine fear that any solutions which these people come up with will be guided strictly along party political lines, and tempered by the overiding interests of local businesses and landlords. PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEONE PROVE ME WRONG!
I was mildly diverted by the fact that after The Wizzy Standard had produced their lavish 'souvenir pull-out' featuring all that was awesome about Wisbech, their bitter rival The Fenland Citizen countered with a front page splash featuring their own group of high powered troubleshooters. I really don't know any of the worthies featured on the photo, but couldn't resist bringing in a couple of other notable problem-solvers who have, between them, several lifetimes of experience at sorting out dilemmas.

I WAS ALSO OVERJOYED TO HEAR that the official Opposition in these parts, the Lib Dems, were fully committed to restoring the Wisbech-March rail link, with fully functional passenger services. Bearing in mind the millions and millions of private finance, erm, sorry, YOUR money, that this would take, I am backing a twice daily Space Shuttle service from The Horsefair to Mars and, in response to several calls from my OAP compatriots, I am pleased to announce that your bus pass WILL be honoured on this route.

WORK IS EXPECTED TO BEGIN SHORTLY ON THE LAUNCHPAD, once a few little local difficulties have been resolved with the taxi-drivers. I will close with a little selection of pictures of some of the nicer parts of Wizbekistan, somewhat romanticised with the help of Photoshop, but still Wisbech, nonetheless. Bon Nuit.