Friday, 6 June 2014

It has been a long time since the blog was updated. But just when so many of you thought it was safe to return to the blogosphere Pickwick, like the legendary King Arthur, wakes from his slumbers the nation? Hmmm, perhaps not. To advertise a gig? YES - got it in one.
Last year, in May, to be precise, there was 'trouble at t'mill' regarding immigration. There was a rally planned for Wisbech Park, and the feeling was that the opposing armies of the EDL and UAF (were two organisations ever so equally despicable?) were going to converge on the park, and slug it out to a finish. In the event, only a handful of people turned up, reporters and onlookers outnumbered activists, and despite a few unwise words being spoken into megaphones, peace prevailed. As a counter to this, The Rosmini Centre, with the help of a few local activists, promoted an International Children's Festival. The Great and The Good turned up, and fun was had by all.
This year, there is no protest march to counter, but there will still be fun and games at The Rosmini Centre. There will be live music, free stuff for kids, refreshments, and the hope is that parents and children of all nationalities will turn up and run along for an hour or two. The unofficial slogan is WISBECH - MANY NATIONS - ONE TOWN. That may smack of spin, but there is much truth in those words.
The weather promises to be vile. Thundery downpours and hailstones the size of meteorites have been threatened. No doubt the meteorological armageddon is punishment from Him Upstairs for the cardinal sin of so many residents of the region in voting for the Legion Of The Damned, a.k.a UKIP.
Sorry folks. I voted UKIP, and even became a paid-up member. BUT, because I want an end to unlimited immigration, it doesn't mean that I am not prepared to work my ever expanding butt off so that those migrants who are here get treated fairly and are given every chance to integrate and understand Britain and what British folk stand for.

So, find your brolly, put on your waterproofs, and come and say "hello" tomorrow at The Rosmini Centre. As a footnote, I am 67 years old, and have taught in various schools since 1969. I am a volunteer at the Rosmini Centre, and the people who make that place tick are the most enlightened, hardworking and admirable people I have ever met.
Hope to see many of you there tomorrow!