Tuesday, 13 November 2012

WIN (Wisbech Infrastructure Now) is a non-partisan community campaign group, which is arguing the case for Wisbech to have a fair share of development and regeneration funds from the District and County Councils.

The campaign is supported by local business people, serving councillors, concerned residents, and The Fenland Citizen.

At a recent forum and workshop session as part of Wisbech 2020, many people attending were dismayed by the apparent absence of concern from Fenland Council about the derelict state of important buildings in the town, and from the County Council regarding the poor transport infrastructure in the immediate area.

WIN does not seek special treatment, just a fair share for Wisbech. If you wish to sign up for this campaign, or find out more about WIN, you can go these internet sites:

on Twitter @wisbechnow
email wisbechnow@yahoo.com
on Facebook at the WisbechNow page

Or you can pick up a leaflet from the following places in town:
The Oasis Centre
The Rosmini Centre
Any shops or businesses displaying this poster