Tuesday, 24 September 2013

WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN - A free guide to what politicians actually mean when they do media interviews. We are well into the season of party conferences. The broadcast media seem obsessed with the idea that the normal populations gives a s*** about these expensive and self-congratulatory junkets. Turn on any half decent radio station (Holbeach FM - that includes you out, sorry) and you will be regaled with wall-to-wall interviews with creatures who have scuttled out from under some party political stone, to blink in the daylight. They lie. They dissemble. They avoid answering questions. They use a parallel language which seems to make sense, but when analysed, signifies nothing. Next time you listen to one of these charlatans, have this handy guide ready, so you can understand what is really being said.

(1)  "Firstly, I'd like to....." If a politician begins an answer like this, then switch off immediately. It means they have been expensively coached by some PR 'expert', who may have scraped a 2:2 in Media Studies at the University of Chelmsford. It also means they have no intention of answering any questions, but have an agenda decided for them by their party special advisors.

(2)  "This is a conversation that we need to have with......" This means that one part of the party is daggers drawn with another, and rather than implying a dialogue, it translates as," I'm going to talk, and those bas****s are going to listen."

(3)  "We need to move forward..." This is a sure sign that some horrendous dirt from a few months ago has been uncovered by the press, but we have just invented a new scheme to give free incontinence pads to gay Albanian pensioners in order to deflect attention from the scandal.

(4)  This is in the same category as (4) When some official says, "Lessons have been learned since...''(30 teenage girls groomed by Pakistani rapists, 18 old people died through neglect and malnutrition in a care home, a delusional psychopath is released into the community by Health 'professionals' and then stabs to death a 32 year old father of two on an Underground platform...) What this means is, " S**t happens. The managers concerned have all been moved sideways, sent on a two-day re-evaluation course, or have been given a generous pension and been re-employed by G4S."

(5)  "I have every respect for..." This means that the person under discussion is a thieving, unscrupulous, child-abusing, moronic retard who, were they to be on fire outside the 99p shop, the interviewee would not p*ss on the flames.

(6)  "The voters have spoken, and I hope the winning candidate will continue to serve the community as I have tried to do." A nice way of saying, "So, I spend four years of my life listening to pathetic moans about dogshit on the pavement, opening bloody fetes and picking up cans of Fosters and used condoms from the village green, and they vote me out? The ungrateful,short-sighted retards deserve all they get!"