Thursday, 23 February 2012

IN WHICH YOUR INTREPID BLOGGER revisits the North Norfolk coast in the company of an Archaeology M.A., enjoys a Victorian lunch, addresses a board meeting of the international Media Corporation, Wisbech...Oh Dear PLC, then is humbled by a conversation with people from seven different countries.

Let no-one rubbish the value of education for its own sake in my presence. I may not have the strength of olden times, but I can still deliver a fairly savage kick to the balls (Gender politicians - please substitute an anatomical region of your choice) I went for a day out with my third son 'up past Hunny'. Avoiding about 700 cranky, glaring, self-righteous RSPB zealots at Titchwell, we retreated to Thornham Marshes, where I trailed in the lad's wake, being educated by the minute on subjects as varied as migrating waders, Roman seafaring, shellfish consumption in 18th century East Anglia, and the true story of Holme's 'Seahenge' To the depths of hell with modern history teaching. This bloke ACTUALLY KNOWS STUFF

I am sure that eating whitebait is illegal. It is too deep-fried, too delicious, too much like infanticide (all those innocent baby fish) too crunchy and too eco-unfriendly. That actually makes it taste even better. To the eco-warriors and sustainability freaks, I offer the charitable thought that I hope you choke on your lentils and ethically-sourced soya mince..
AND THEN - a quick burst down the coast road to a select venue, where the executive board of Wisbech...Oh Dear were assembled for their quarterly meeting.

I tried, but I tried in vain. You will notice the various admins seated around the table, and responding to my exhortations. "WOD - please try to stop referring to middle-aged ladies breaking silent wind on the X1 in the morning - it is unedifying." "HJ - Your obsession with romantic nights with plump MILFS at Mendis is doing nothing to help rejuvenate Wisbech Town Centre, and S M - your jokes are testing the patience of all but the most tolerant of our readers.

YOUR BLOGGER DECIDED TO PUT HIS EXPERIENCE WHERE HIS MOUTH WAS and offer to help out with some English teaching at The Rosmini Centre. I spent a couple of hours in the company of a group of really lovely people. This sounds like the lead-in to a bad joke, but here goes..."There was this Estonian, this Greek, this Lithuanian, this Bulgarian, this Portuguese, this Vietnamese.." And I am not making this up. Warmth, enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn and integrate. Only a handful of people, granted, but let's take a deep breath before we let fly with torrents of rage against migrants.

TOMORROW I CLOSE THE SURVEY, and I expect that the results will please no-one, and that your blogger will be skating on thin ice (Very unsubtle link to picture, above)