Thursday, 8 March 2012

PICKWICK RECOGNISES THAT HIS MEMORY IS NOT WHAT IT WAS. But how could he forget about a whole case of premier French bubbly, brought back from the gite last August? The old duffer was searching in his cluttered music room for something else altogether, and found a sealed box of wonderful fizz from:

TRUST ME,  although it is not one of the 'big names' drunk by overpaid reality TV 'stars', or sprayed about by chav-capped F1 victors, it is the Drink Of The Gods. Ariston Fils are a small volume/high quality vinyard who sell almost entirely to the (more discerning) French market. A pretentious snob...? MOI...?

AND NOW FOR SOME MUSIC and a video that, had he watched it, would have had Spielberg beating his way to Pickwick's door for hints and technical advice. In answer to the obvious question, "This blog is meant to be about the Wisbech Community and how we can solve our issues - WHY ARE YOU POSTING A MUSIC VIDEO?" - Because I can, because I can! ENJOY OR IGNORE!